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About Us

The first thing you need to know about me is that I am a mum too! I have three children and I have experienced many of the same trials and joys that you have or will do in the near future. Although my children are growing up really fast my experiences of early motherhood are some of my strongest memories. Motherhood is a topic that most women have in common and love to talk about.

The second thing is my name is not Mrs Smith. I chose the name ‘Mrs Smith’ for Mrs Smith Clothing brand because it is intended to describe you, our customer. Mrs Smith could be anyone of you.  She is a confident sensual woman of any size who is embracing her changing shape stylishly. This is a brand that will fit with your life.

Pregnancy is different for all of us. All three of mine were difficult and I certainly didn’t glow so I know the value of the little things that make you feel good.  My vision is to bring a little joy into the busy lives of mums and mums to be and enable women to feel confident and attractive.

My background has always been in fashion. When I finished training at Wellington Polytechnic I had huge dreams of an international fashion career but after only a few years in the industry and my son’s unplanned arrival in my mid twenties, my life took a different direction. Now I have three gorgeous children, one son and two daughters, who are all individuals and they ensure that I never stop learning, laughing and crying.  My main qualification to create this range is that I have been there and  I know how it feels to have your body and life change.

This business allows me to follow my passion creating beautiful clothes for women and to be close to home for my family.  This business will always a work in progress so I need your input.  Please tell me what you do and don’t like so that I can create products that you love!

I look forward to hearing from you.

 xx Claire Young