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How to find affordable maternity clothes

Written by Claire Young


Posted on June 14 2021

Newly pregnant? Have you found yourself googling how to find affordable maternity clothes yet? Feeling anxious about spending money on clothing that you wont wear after pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of change. Your body is definitely changing, you know your lifestyle is probably going to change and for most couples a change in income is on the cards too. So it is not really the time in your life that you want to spend up large on a new wardrobe.

While we love sell maternity clothes to mamas we appreciate that you have other demands on your wallet. So we endeavor to offer affordable maternity clothes that are on trend and functional. However before you rush out and buy new clothes. Here are our suggestions to get what is essential without blowing the budget.

Wear your non pregnancy clothes for as long as possible
The current longer looser fit trends lend themselves to your changing shape. The current trends of tiered cotton dresses and baby doll shapes are the pregnant mamas best friend! The same goes for flowing style tops and tunics. Well chosen tops and tunics combined with a couple of investment pieces like maternity jeans and maternity leggings can get you through most of your pregnancy.


The hair tie & long singlet trick
Who would have thought that the simple hair tie could give you another month in your favourite jeans. In fact if you combine it with the right singlet you many even get another three months out of those favs. Just loop the hair tie through the button hole and over the button to keep your jeans up with a bit of extra room.  You can then wear a long singlet that or layer that covers the fly of your jeans over the top and no one will see your little trick if your top comes up. 

                            affordable maternity clothes          

Invest in a good pair of maternity jeans & maternity pants

The time will come that the hair tie will no longer cut it and you have to buy new pants. Invest in a good pair of maternity jeans, they will become your everyday staple.  If you are working or go out at night a good pair of maternity pants are  essential. We suggest those made out of Ponte fabric because it has the stretch to keep you super comfortable but it is also thick enough to hide a few lumps and bumps.

Look for non maternity pants that work for pregnancy

The current trends towards casual style provides a lot of options for mamas to be that previous generations didn't have at their disposal. Most of the casual track pants or slouch pants have an elasticated waist. Slouch pants are a great option because you can wear the waist below your bump and any extra fabric just looks like it is part of drop crotch. And the bonus is that you can wear your slouch pants after bubs is born and you wont be wearing maternity pants! Check out our range of Betty Basics Slouch Pants from just $45.90!

     Maternity Slouch Pants

Buy some good basic breastfeeding tops
A good basic breastfeeding top can be layered with your non maternity cardigans and jackets to make a stylish outfit. Buy ones made in good quality, stretchy fabric because you will wear them more frequently than you would an item in your non maternity wardrobe. Plus you want them to stretch over your bump and then spring back into shape after bubs is born.


Invest in styles that can be worn for both pregnancy & breastfeeding
You probably will have to buy a few new things but the fact is most women buy new clothing items each season anyway when they are not pregnant. So if you invest your money in items that can be worn for pregnancy and breastfeeding you will get more wear out of them. Thus more value for money!
Check out the Maternity Clothing Buy Sell Swap Facebook Groups   

A quick search in Facebook will quickly offer you a variety of Buy Sell Swap groups for Maternity Clothing. If you have a preferred Maternity Clothing Supplier - check it out to see if they have one. We do! Check out Mrs Smith Clothing Buy Sell Group!

Wait for sales & don't get caught up in the hype!

There are a couple of brands that use scarcity as a marketing strategy. This means they deliberately keep their stock levels to a restricted quantity to create a sense of urgency to buy at their product launches. It can be easy to get caught up in the hype. So take a breath and just buy what you really need. Join the designer VIP groups on Facebook because they often offer extra discounts and early notice of upcoming sales.

Hit up your mum friends to borrow their maternity clothes!

There is something about motherhood that bonds women. We love to share our stories, advice and most of us like to share the maternity clothes and baby clothes that we no longer have use for. So dont be scared to ask your friends whom you know have completed their family if they have clothes you can borrow.

With less options available to wear accessories are a great way to change the look of your outfits. Shops like Diva and Equip are a great resource of affordable scarves & jewellery that can help you create stylish outfits. Accessories are an easy way to keep up with the latest trends. Rather than investing a full outfit in the latest colour or print - grab a scarf instead to make your outfit on trend.

                    Affordable maternity clothing

We are here to help!

If you have any questions about maternity sizing or styles we are happy to help. please email with any questions you have.

xx Claire



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